Banky W and Adesua on taking care of each other when they both had Covid-19



Ebuka asked them how it is when Adesua is sick and Banky isn’t.

Oh, he catches it,” Adesua responds.

“I catch it because I am very caring and I take care of her,” Banky says.

Banky spoke about how Adesua gets sick, “she gets really sick, she was nauseous and throwing up, her blood pressure was through the roof, an ambulance had to get her to the hospital.”

“When you see the person that you love like that, you can’t be like, ‘isolate yourself I’ll pass your food through the door.’ You really can’t leave them there, so I can ‘God if that is the way I am going to catch Covid then so be it and I eventually caught Covid.”

Ebuka probed them about the deadliness of the virus, citing British Actor Idris Elba and his Wife Sabrina who were still around each other when Covid 19 was still inspiring fear and the vaccine was not in sight.

“I think we even discussed it and if she’s feeling down or I’m feeling down there’s no world where we won’t try and be there for each other. You try to be careful as much as you can.”

“It’s a disease that we didn’t know anything about that could kill.” Ebuka probed further.

“You are seeing the person that you love, you will want to take care of the person and make sure they are okay,” Adesua says

Would your natural instincts also make you want to protect them from the virus?” Ebuka questioned.

“Yeah, she said that, but there was no world I would not do that.”

The traditional wedding vows, says “in sickness and health” and one of the times you actually get to show your love and affection for your spouse is when they are sick, it is lovely to see this couple reiterate it.


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