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At Nwafo TV, we give our numerous audience and members of the public the opportunity to report events on the spot as they happen, especially those of public interests and importance.

Reports sent to us at Nwafo TV by members of the public as eyewitness will be scrutinized to ensure they meet suitable industry quality and specification for eyewitness report standards before approving for publication on the Nwafo TV online platform.

Submitting an eyewitness report will not and fitted not automatically guarantee an approval form publication.
Nwafo TV, her management or parties of interest to the organisation can not and will not be held liable for reports that do not get published on our platform.

Authentication and validation of report published on the platform, under the eyewitness segment as sent in by an eyewitness reporter, will be the sole prerogative of the eyewitness reporter.

An eyewitness reporter can not lay claim to royalties or any form of benefits whatsoever that may or may not accrue from the publication of an eyewitness report. The reward or otherwise of an eyewitness reporter for an eyewitness report will be at the discretion of the management of Nwafo TV.

By clicking on the ‘publish my report’ button, you declare your acceptance for the policies, terms and conditions guiding the Nwafo TV eyewitness report programme.

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