7 countries with amazing cultures to visit



In no particular order, the following are the countries to visit for everyone who is a cultural tourist and loves to travel:

China is arguably one of the most populated countries and fastest-growing economies globally, taking cultural heritage to a whole new level. The country is rich in cultures that show exceptional peculiarities; the architectural designs, arts, paintings, dressing, and craftsmanship are rudiments to understanding and fully grasping the culture.

Italy is one of the most charming countries in the world. The food, renaissance arts, paintings, and architectural designs, especially the cathedrals, are among the many elements of the beauty of these countries.

The home of carnivals and festivals, it is the largest country in Southern America. Its colonial architecture, museums, and beaches are amazing sceneries to see; places like the church of San Francisco Salvador, the Amazon Rainforest, and Sugar Loaf in Rio De Janeiro.

Greece holds so much exciting history and mythologies; it is believed to have been the place for early western civilization over 3000 years ago. The architectural structures are excellent pointers to the Greek history dating from the Paleolithic Era to the Roman Period.

Egypt remains one of the most cultural countries globally, rich in history and particularly art monuments and architectural designs. A visit will open one’s perspective to the richness of its glorious past and the perseverance of antiquities.

This country is diverse in ethnicity and culture, home to many religions, entertainment, and philosophies. One fascinating about India is that it comprises 29 states, and each of these states has cultures, languages, dressings, etc., peculiar to them; yet, they have all managed to stay united.

This south Asian country infuses Indochinese cultures and customs into its traditions. Its food and iconic temples make this country an excellent source of attraction.


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