Mango Szn: Pros and cons of eating mango



Men, if you want to get frisky, try some mangoes. Mangoes are aphrodisiacs for men, the vitamin E in mango increases sex drive.

Remember when we used to take mangoes until they turned white. There is no way you eat or lick mango, and you won’t have a few strands stuck in your teeth.

Mangoes break down food and proteins because of the vitamins and fibres it contains.

I am sure you have memories of having too many mangoes, and your stomach ached. When you take mangoes, you are likely to have diarrhoea.

Let’s be honest, mangoes are delicious and succulent. If you do not agree, perhaps your taste buds need help.

If you have mangoes in your hands, they will drip and stain your clothes. They also make a lot of flies perch around you.

They are good for your heart

Mangoes protect your heart by reducing cholesterol levels.

Mangoes can make you feel gassy and bloated.

If you are a mango lover, then do not let the cons deter you from enjoying them. Buy the barely riped mangoes and slice them first before eating. Also, take it in moderation so, you don’t purge.


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