Depp v Heard live: Amber Heard shows court pictures from when ‘Johnny Depp threw phone at me’ – as she faces questions over incorrect date of ‘first abuse’ | Ents & Arts News



 We move on to the period after Amber Heard’s birthday in April 2016, after which she says she and Johnny Depp didn’t see each other for around a month.  During this time she says Depp was accusing her and her friends of leaving faeces in his bed, telling the court: “His mother had just passed [away], I couldn’t believe he was talking about faeces.”

[During the Depp v The Sun court case back in 2020 there was much discussion of this alleged incident, with a lot of debate over whether the faeces belonged to a dog or a human being.]

Heard says Depp came to visit her in LA on 21 May 2016 and at the time she called her friend Io Tillett Wright and put him on speakerphone. She says Io told her: “Amber get out of the house, you’re not safe.” She says Io had previously been at the house and witnessed her “washing blood out of the pillowcases” after another alleged incident with Depp.

She says Depp was furious with both her and Io, saying he was: “Calling Io every horrible imaginable name you can imaging calling an LGBT person, some really nasty stuff.”

She says Depp shouted down the phone to him: “If you want to have my woman now, you can have her,” before throwing the phone at “what felt like my eye”.

She says Depp then grabbed her, “trying to expose my face” and doing “a mocking taunt as he’s yanking me around the room”. She says her friend Rocky Pennington came in, at which point she says Depp let her go.

She describes Ms Pennington’s actions, saying: “In a very slow, concentrated controlled way, she put both of her arms up and said ‘No, Johnny no'”. She says “Johnny squared up to [Ms Pennington]” but she continued to hold him back, before wrapping her arms around Heard to protect her. She says Depp was shouting “‘Amber get the f*** up’ around 10 times, so loudly”.

Then she says Depp’s security men entered the room, and Depp eventually left.


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