5 Benefits of fasting during Ramadan



Fasting generally comes with a whole lot of benefits for the body, mind and the soul; it is safe to say that fasting helps one live an overall healthier and better life.

The following are a five of the numerous numbers of benefits of fasting during Ramadan:

1. It helps to break bad habits

Ramadan is when Muslims deny themselves of many things while focusing on their worship of God through fasting. It awakens consciousness and control over the body to be better; this means that a lot of things they may have been used to before Ramadan will stop; unhealthy eating and living habits, smoking etc. Fasting ultimately helps to break such bad habits.

2. It helps in charity and compassion

As Ramadan is a month of giving and mercy, helping others is of utmost importance. It is giving to those who are not as fortunate so that they also may be blessed. This is beneficial to the receiver and the ones who give, as there are multiple rewards for such generosity.

Fasting teaches discipline, tolerance and patience, and it acts as a training ground to prepare one for the rewards of patience and deprivation of worldly pleasures. Such lessons are learnt every day during Ramadan.

Gratitude to Allah is important in Islam, especially during Ramadan; it reminds us to be thankful for the gift of life, provisions and having enough to eat. There is more appreciation for Allah realizing that basic needs like shelter, food, and clothes are being cared for.

5. It preserves good health

Fasting helps both mental and body health. Mentally, it prepares and teaches the mind not to indulge or satisfy every craving rather than pleasing the body, and the mind focuses on pleasing God.

It also helps maintain blood sugar control, achieved by reducing insulin resistance.


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