What to do if you see your period on your wedding day


My sister got stained on her wedding day, and I had to wonder, what could she have done to avoid it? Fortunately for her, we noticed before she entered the reception venue.

You are likely to see your period around that time because stress can induce a sudden appearance of your period and increase the intensity of the flow.

Here is how to avoid seeing your period on your wedding day:

1. Keep track of your period

When people say they got stained, I am usually shocked because I am so in tune with my body, I feel my period coming before it starts (mostly because of cramps, pimples and ovulation horniness).Without the natural instincts, you should get a Flo App and keep track of your period some months before your wedding so it doesn’t catch you by surprise.

2. Try to delay your period

Kill the element of surprise by using some birth control pills to delay your period. If your period comes with nausea, vomiting or sickness then you want to eliminate it for that wedding. Ask your doctor for effective birth control measures.

Here is what to do if your cycle falls on your wedding day;

1. Get good period underwear

I mentioned previously told you that my sister got stained at her wedding but her saving grace was the gown was a transformer gown, the outer detachable gown hadn’t gotten stained yet.

What’s the solution? First, get good pants, don’t wear a g-string or flimsy net underwear.

2. Stay away from sugar

The sugar content can create inflammation and bloat in your body. Also, avoid coffee on your big day.

3. Double up your pad

Do you know you can double up your pad so you don’t get stained? Wear one vertically and the other horizontally, so you don’t get stained at the back.

4. Don’t try new products

Your friend might tell you that period cups or tampons work but you have never used them before, and you don’t know how what the consequence might be.

5. Use some pain relievers

If your period comes with severe cramps then get the doctor to prescribe a strong pain-relieving drug.

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