What are we? Here’s why you need to ask this question



You can spend weeks, months and unfortunately, years with someone who has a different perspective and that is why you have to ask questions like ‘what are we?’

Asking for clarity isn’t a mind game and it doesn’t mean that you’re desperate.

Many people are afraid of asking their ‘partner’ where they are as far as their relationship is concerned but trust me, this is something that is one hundred percent necessary.

When the right time comes, you shouldn’t shy away from confirming where the relationship is going. It’s important for so many reasons, including these five:

  • It helps you feel more confident and secure in your relationship

The good news with having this conversation is that you can get the security you need in your new relationship. It could be that you’re actually on the same page and just need to be sure.

It’s important for you to know that you want to be with each other and that what you have isn’t an open relationship. This will give you confidence because you will know where you both stand and that you’re now officially dating.

  • You will finally have peace of mind

When you’re not sure about where you stand, it can leave you in a very awkward position. You don’t know where the boundaries are and whether you actually have the freedom to open up the way couples do.

Asking this question will help you move from uncertainty to peace. No more sleepless nights because you will finally confirm whether you’re in a real relationship or not.

It can give you insight on who you are when it comes to relationships

Some people would rather pretend like they’re actually dating someone because they don’t want to hear the truth.

In case the person you’re with gives an answer that is opposite from what you wanted to hear, it can completely destroy your confidence.

If they say what you have is just casual, you will have the chance to ask why. They might give reasons why they don’t see a real future with you and that is something you can learn from.

It sucks but you can move forward knowing what you need to work on.

  • It stops you from wasting each other’s time

It’s better to know what you are rather than waste your time in a relationship that’s not even real. Of course, you should wait for the right time because asking this question prematurely can spoil your chances of building something healthy but regardless, it needs to be said.

If you realize that maybe they want something completely different from you, you should vamoose as soon as possible. If you don’t, you will end up wasting your life trying to change someone’s mind.

  • It can open you to a more meaningful connection with someone else

In order to build healthy couples and strong families, you need to start by dating with a purpose. This means carefully selecting who you choose to involve yourself with and also making sure you’re on the same page as you move forward.

When you hear the truth, you have the power to walk away and find someone who means to you before things get too deep.


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