UNGA77: Antonio Guterres Speaks.

chuks September 26, 2022
Updated 2022/09/26 at 1:03 PM

By Emegwoako C. Paschal

The  United Nations Secretary General Antonio Guterres, on the occasian of the 77th session of the United Nations General Assembly, has draw the attention of world leaders to focus on education, demonstrating the severity of the global learning crisis.

UNGA77 as it is commonly referred to dealt with a lot of pressing issues, such as Ukraine’s civil war, rising food and energy costs, and climate change, but Guterres held brief on the depth and breadth of issues affecting learning all over the world.

The topic “learning crisis classroom” installation outside the UN, which was discussed over the course of three days at the Transforming Education Summit, brought home the fact that two out of every three 10-year-olds worldwide are unable to read even a simple sentence.

These levels of “learning poverty” also brought foundational learning to the forefront. During the early school years, students are supposed to acquire the fundamental levels of literacy and numeracy, without which they will not be able to advance.

Governments and organizations are urged by “A Commitment to Action on Foundational Learning” to cut the amount of learning poverty worldwide in half by 2030, a call which has received numerous signatures.

More than 30% of 10-year-olds around the world won’t be able to read even if that objective is met. Everyone was expected to have access to high-quality education by the time Sustainable Development Goal 4 (SDG4) was adopted in 2015 by all nations. The massive failure in global education cannot be concealed by this new commitment.

How did it happen? The pandemic and protracted school closings had an impact. However, the UN Secretary-General, made it clear to world leaders that covid could not be held responsible for the severity of the educational disaster, he pointed that;

“The education crisis started much earlier than the pandemic and is much more pervasive. Education systems fall short of expectations. Students and societies are being failed by them.
By doing more of the same thing faster or more effectively, we won’t be able to solve the crisis. The time to change education systems is now.”

A true but unsettling fact was brought up by Antonio Guterres, he noted that, vast majority of kids who struggle to meet even the most fundamental educational standards are already enrolled in school. That applies to low- and middle-income nations as well as to children impacted by the crisis, as “Education Cannot Wait” most recent report demonstrated, however, they haven’t succeeded in making them learn, though”

The Summit sought out fresh perspectives, but the urgency of the situation and the need for quick change also drew attention to recent successes. Giving one day to “solutions” that have already been proven effective and using existing initiatives and partnerships serves as a guide.

Governments in the Global South are becoming more aware of the scope of this problem, and political figures are devoting resources to implementing the complete systemic reform of education that the UN Secretary-General has demanded.

One is the Rwandan government RwandaEQUIP program, A transformative program to make the country’s basic education system globally competitive,”. The basic education system in Rwanda will be successful thanks to the government’s integrated last-mile solution.

Data-driven technology, top-notch instructional materials, and ongoing training and coaching for government educators are the foundation of RwandaEQUIP.

Tablets enable teachers to deliver individualized lesson plans that are optimized for their students. They also offer a data feedback loop, but it makes it impossible to measure improvement and motivate it.

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