Ramadan Nutrition and Health: 5 energetic and filling foods for Suhoor



The following are foods that can be incorporated into meal plans for Suhoor:

They help the body stay hydrated during fasting; they also contain vitamins, phytochemicals, and mineral salts that ensure a healthy life. Fruits and vegetables give the body that feeling of satiability and thus prevent indigestion and constipation. Examples are watermelon, oranges, carrots, cucumbers, etc. These fruits and vegetables could be taken in the form of salads, smoothies, etc.

Incorporating nuts into meals can be very helpful. Nuts can be added as toppings to fibre meals like oats.

3. High Carbohydrates foods

High-fibre carbohydrate foods like rice, yam, and bread help sustain more prolonged energy levels that could last throughout the day. This is because they are complex sugars and usually take longer to digest.

Fish, eggs, and chicken(preferably skinless); are rich in essential protein elements. Avoid fatty foods or cooking methods like frying. Frying the fish or chicken may lead to bloating and also leave one thirsty throughout the day. Ensure that fat intake is limited. Consumption of dairy products containing high calcium levels like milk and yogurts is also a kind of protein to add to meals. The different proteins mentioned are food that gradually raises the blood sugar levels while still providing a feeling of being full.

Dehydration results in sluggishness, thirst, and hunger; this is why drinking water provides proper hydration to sustain for long hours of fasting. Staying hydrated generally brightens the mood.


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