Pulse Cares: Do you have to travel out to get a high-paying job?


Nigerianprice.com writes about how much doctors earn in Nigeria: “private hospitals pay between ₦120,000 – ₦250,000 for resident doctors while Government hospitals pay between ₦190,000 – ₦280,000 for junior resident doctors. Also, Consultants generally earn between ₦600,000 – ₦900,000 per month.”

According to Nhs.uk “If you’re working as a speciality doctor you’ll earn a basic salary of £50,373 to £78,759. If you are a specialist grade doctor you’ll earn a basic salary of £80,693 to £91,584.” Don’t bother converting this to naira because it is several millions.

The average Netflix Software Engineer earns an estimated $138,643 annually, which is about $11,000 a month and that is about 4 million naira. In Nigeria, software engineers earn about N2,997,183 annually which is about N249,765 per month.

Also, International organizations like PwC, Deloitte and KPMG pay their international staff more than their Nigerian counterparts.

The question remains why would anyone choose to remain in Nigeria if they can get the chance to earn more outside the country? Well, the main reason is that securing such high-paying jobs isn’t easy at first.

Many Nigerians who travel out on student or visitor visas have to do many menial jobs before they eventually level up but many don’t mind. The inflation, the devaluation of the naira and the basic lack of amenities are causing people to leave the country.

Some people can still get a high paying job in Nigeria. Founders, co-founders, CEOs, popular influencers, and CTOs of many Nigerian companies, especially tech startups are cashing out on the newfound ‘gold’ and will not leave the country because they are getting so much more money here.

Freelancers can also boast of earning much more in the comfort of their homes.

Here is what Charles, a tech freelancer, had to say: “how much you earn depends on skills and level of expertise. Could be up to $50 per hour. There are three major levels – entry/junior, mid and senior. That also depends on the complexity of the gig. People generally work 8 hours per day, some gigs could take up to 6 months or more, and some could take just a few days or weeks. For freelancing, an hourly pay estimate is a good metric.”

An hourly pay estimate is a good metric for any kind of job. If they work for $50, 8 hours a week for a month, that is $8,000 per month. Not bad at all.

So the answer posed is you could earn highly in Nigeria on rare occasions. But, will Nigeria give you the peace of mind to enjoy your money?

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