#MetGala2022: The best and worst dressed



The gilded age was between 1870-1900. The word ‘gilded’ was formed by Mark Twain and Charles Dudley Warner in 1873. Gilded means glittery and shiny on the outside with corruption underneath.

The fashion of that era was heavy on embroidery, lace, silk, pleating and sleeves and exaggerated hips and buttocks. The man also wore long coats.

Simple research by these stylists would have saved us from the blunder and fashion errors we saw. The celebrities simply didn’t stay on theme!

Even if it was a nice gown, the question was, ‘is it a nice gown for that event and with that theme?’ The answer most times was no, it was exhausting. Here are some who did a good job;

Blake understood the theme completely, her look was an updated version of the gilded age. The peach gown was made by Versace, the gloves and the bow by the side, tres Magnifique!

Anitta in pearls and silk was giving us an actual gilded age look. Her gown was made by Moschino.

Kiki is so beautiful in pink, the afro is beautiful, and the flowers around the cleavage are perfect.

Here is Lizzo with the gothic glided look from Thom Browne. She is resplendent.

She looked stunning in H&M, it was very 19th century, with the floral print on the gown, the bodice, and the pearls. Yass queen!

The mix of lace was giving us brothel owners in that era.

Even though we could do without the plaid colour, she was straight from the 19th century in that outfit.

Some looks were so bad, it felt like our eyes were being drilled.

Honestly, we don’t know who this man is but his outfit was downright outrageous.

We don’t care if it is a modern take on the exaggerated hips, it was a terrible outfit that shouldn’t have seen the light of day.

She might have as well made up her own theme because seeing the outfit has us confused. The leather, the colour and fitting. A big no.

Sorry, wrong era and why does she look like a praying mantis?

Sigh. What is this? She looks like a hot mess.

Why are Megan’s red carpet looks always so off? What’s the point of the feathers? It just wasn’t right.

There were many more bad dresses and many who went off theme but we should stop here because the list is unending.

There were some beautiful gowns like Alicia Key’s New York inspired look that was off the theme.

This year’s Met Gala, like the last, was a lesson that stylists need to do their homework.


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