How to maximise romance when travelling with someone you just started dating



Traveling with your prospective sweetheart is the kind of gift, that, if handled well, will keep on giving and has the potential to bond the two of you forever. And even if you are not the type that wants to bond forever just yet, traveling with them has the potential to ignite a deep friendship that will outlast the romance, that is if it doesn’t work out.

Here are a few tips that will help you maximize romance with someone you only just met.

Choose a less crowded town upcountry as opposed to a crowded beach. Any relationship that’s only a few months old probably consists of two people that are not yet good at communicating with each other. You probably have not even been out in a fourth-date kind of bar and you don’t even have their birthday memorized yet. Traveling with such a one gives you time to talk about everything because you only have each other and your burning passion for each other. Which explains why a town in the middle of nowhere is better than a crowded beach in Mombasa. A trip to Zanzibar can prove more effective in maximising your romance than a trip to Dubai, and probably cheaper.

In this age of smartphones, everyone has a great camera in their hands. Don’t let great views pass you by without taking pictures of each other or together. Beautiful hills, scenic sunrises and sunsets, etc. Ladies particularly may want to send some of these to their friends for security purposes, you know, to let family know where she is just in case. So be the best Instagram boyfriend at every opportunity. You wanna look good to her family and friends or she will lose interest

You’re far from home throwing caution to the wind with a new partner. Go down to the rive and jump into a canoe and tell the fisherman to take you on a ride for a fee. Some of these crazy things may cause some level of fear in you, but with a little caution, just like in the case of bungee jumping, the fun is in the risk.

Chances are that you are going to find yourself at the foot of Sipi falls crammed together in a crack of a rock watching this wonder of nature and your heart will skip a bit and you will sense the words ‘I love you’ start to rise from your belly. Don’t be too quick to spit them out. Instead, squeeze her hand and read her body language. Remember, subtlety is far more classy than straightforwardness in these romance things.

Fluid cash is one of the things that can make your travel great and vice varsa. Not every cheap hotel is dirty and uncomfortable. You can find a cheaper, smaller hotel if you look for it. This will help you keep fluid and this will afford you more drinks, better meals and more money to take a spontaneous bodaboda to a remote waterfall in the heart of cocoa plantations in Bundibujo. Plus, a lack of money will dampen moods. So keep it on the low and if the cheaper hotel doesn’t cut it, update later.


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