For women: 7 menstrual hygiene tips you need to follow


You must maintain proper intimate hygiene, especially during your periods. Poor physical hygiene during that time of the month can cause irritation, urinary tract infections, cervical cancer, etc.

To stay away from all the uneasiness, you need to follow a few basic hygiene tips.

  • Don’t wear two pads at a time

You must be thinking that wearing two napkins at a time is a good idea especially when you are working for long hours in the office. But that should be avoided. Instead, change your pads or tampons regularly.

Make sure you wash your vaginal area whenever you use the washroom with warm water. During the last few days of your periods, you can use panty liners. This will absorb the excess discharge.

  • Change sanitary napkin regularly

Do not wear your sanitary pads for long since this can lead to irritation and infections. Menstrual cups are environmentally sustainable and prevent leakage so you can try using them.

Always wear soft, breathable fabric underwear to prevent rashes. Wearing unclean underwear can put you at a higher risk of infections.

It is important you consume foods rich in nutrients during your menstruation and also drink plenty of water. This will prevent bloating and ease cramps.

Do not flush your sanitary napkins or tampons since that may clog sewage pipes and drains. Wrap them properly and throw them in a bin.

  • Don’t use soaps or other vaginal hygiene products

The vagina can clean itself and there is no need to apply other products. All you need to do is just use warm water. You can use a gentle cleanser on the external but make sure the product does not go inside your vagina.

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