Depp v Heard live: ‘You’ll die a fat, lonely old man’ – New witness reveals details of Johnny Depp and Amber Heard’s volatile arguments | Ents & Arts News



As the cross-examination of clinical and forensic psychologist Dr Shannon Curry continues, we return to a violent dispute between Amber Heard and her former best friend Rocky Pennington. Heard’s lawyer says that while the doctor previously said Rocky Pennington hit Amber without provocation, it’s actually true that Ms Pennington hit Heard first and she returned the blow. Dr Curry says she remembers there was some form of violence, between the two. She says it was not her job to asses Ms Pennington.

We move to talk of another clinical psychologist, called Dr Cowan, who worked with Heard for over two years between 2014 and 2016. Dr Curry is asked whether she remembers him saying he “was worried for Ms Heard’s wellbeing?” Dr Curry says she does not remember that, but does remember him saying “it was a toxic relationship”. A part of Dr Cowan’s testimony is read out in which he notes a message he received from Heard saying “Johnny beat me up pretty good last night”.

She’s asked if she remembers Dr Cowan calling Heard “believable”. Dr Curry says: “You have to take the patient at their word as a therapist.”

We move to another psychiatrist called Amy Banks, who worked with Heard after the Australia incident in 2014. She was trying to help Heard and Depp improve their relationship. Dr Curry is asked if she recalls Dr Banks testifying that she “was in a relationship with Johnny Depp that had gotten violent and out of control” – Dr Curry says she does not recall. “That they had physical altercations and his drug use had escalated and she felt she was at risk” – Dr Curry says she does not recall. That “Amber was reporting the violence by Mr Depp and that it was not consensual” – Dr Curry says she does not recall a statement about consent.

In her testimony, Dr Banks says “it is clear that Depp is the one who initiated the violence”. She say s this is because Heard mentioned it “in the presence of Mr Depp and he did not deny it”.

Heard’s lawyer summarises: “Ultimately, Dr Banks concluded that Amber Heard was a victim of domestic violence at the hands of Johnny Depp.” Dr Curry says she does not recall that.

We move on to yet another doctor – called Laurel Anderson – who Heard’s lawyer says also “concluded that Amber Heard was a victim of domestic violence at the hands of Johnny Depp”. Dr Curry says again, she does not recall.

Yet another doctor is pulled into the discussion – Bonnie Jacobs – who apparently treated Heard both during her discussion with Depp and her former partner Tasya van Ree, and another doctor called Dr Blaustein who testified that Depp told him “he had rage and demons” and “looked at Amber like his mother or his sister who he didn’t like”.

It certainly seems like both Depp and Heard had lots of medical professionals on their staff during their relationship…


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