Chaotic life of an HR: The return of Sister Deborah (Ep.18)


Zainab nodded in agreement, “True sir, I think it’s their personal life issues, and as long as they did their jobs well, you did not have any control over them.” Mr. Tayo took a deep breath before talking, “soon, the media would start talking and one way or the other, the name of the company would be out. I hope that no one of you brought out your phones to record anything? because that would be we playing into the hands of the media.”

“No sir, no one did,” Zainab who wasn’t present answered, looking at me and giving me an affirmative look. “Everything is under control sir, I can vouch for that.” “Then, I will take your words for it. But Mr. Kayode would not be resuming to this office, so please draft a letter of termination of appointment and sent it to him,” Mr. Tayo said facing Zainab. “He is so undeserving of the position right now. He has served us diligently in the past but this shameful behavior cannot be swept under the carpet.”

“And you,” he said facing me. “I need you to send Deborah an offer letter as my Assistant.”

“Your Assistant?” I and Zainab echoed at the same time.

“Do you have a problem with me hiring a Personal Assistant?” Mr. Tayo asked, unpleasantly looking at the both of us. “No sir, I don’t,” I murmured. Indeed, it is not over until it is over.

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