Chaotic Life of an HR: Cleaner in suit (Ep. 10)



“So, I asked my friend how she was able to find a job in the bank despite not having a degree. That was when she introduced me to this prophet in ijebu. I spent three days bathing behind a river, they call it “the bath of Favour.” I paid about twenty thousand naira to secure a space for that deliverance.”

“Is this superstory?” I asked.

“No sis, I’m sharing my experience with the both of you so that you believe that there are no friends in this life.

“I don’t understand, why are you giving us all these details?” I asked.

“It’s because my friend told me that once you see me like this, you will not interview me. But here I am, eversince i got here, you have interviewed me, and now you are asking about my qualifications. Aunty,” she said, kneeling in front of Zainab and me, “please help me, I need to

get this job. That prophet juju obviously did not work, and I have used all my life savings to do the necessary spiritual prayers that he asked of me.”

“How could you have been so gullible,” I asked, disgusted at the story I had just heard, “so you came here to waste our various time?”

“Please I’m not you aunty,” Zainab retorted, “if they check well the both of us are age mates so please stand up and stop kneeling.”

“Please let me remain like this.” she said.

“See, if our boss walks into this room, and finds you here like this, he will definitely call the police on you. So I will strongly advise that you get your acts together and leave here before he comes around.”

“Aunty forget that one, my boyfriend is a member of the Police too,: she boasted. “Just help me secure this job, let me too be working in the office.” She was still on her knees when Zainab said “you go do cleaner?”


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