7 ways to get rid of morning sickness



Symptoms of morning sickness:

– Vomiting more than three times a day

– Improved sense of smell

How to get rid of morning sickness:

1) Eat regularly: An empty stomach will only make you feel weak. When your stomach is empty, the stomach acids will have no choice but to feed on your stomach lining, which can cause nausea. Try to eat regularly but don’t eat too much, because too much food can worsen the symptoms.

2) Eat home prepared food: Consuming processed foods can worsen the symptoms of morning sickness. Avoid processed foods, spicy or sugary foods instead, consume home prepared foods.

3) Eat plain foods: Take plain foods like oats, rice, stir-fries, yoghurt, vegetables, and salads to avoid irritation.

4) Drink water: Water will keep you hydrated. The more dehydrated you are, the more nauseated you will become. If water makes you feel nauseated, you can either add fruit slices to it or try sparkling water.

5) Find out what causes your nausea and avoid it: Avoid foods that make you feel nauseous. Also, avoid the list of foods that can be risky when eaten during pregnancy. e.g. smoked seafood, soft cheese, and alcohol.

6) Always have a siesta: This is one of the simplest ways to beat morning sickness. Always try to lie down and get some rest even if it’s just a few hours during the day. It will make you feel more relieved and energized.

7) Take ginger tea: Ginger is a home remedy for nausea. You can either get a processed ginger tea or grate ginger in hot water.


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