7 essentials for a hiking trip



When it comes to packing for a hike, you want to prepare yourself for everything that might happen, but without weighing yourself down with unnecessary items. Therefore, you need to pack only the things you absolutely need. Here is a list of some essentials you need for your hike;

Water is very essential for your trip. You need to keep yourself hydrated to help you move comfortably on the trail. As a rule of thumb, pack one litre of water for every hour you plan to spend hiking. If you plan on going for a long hike, water might weigh you down since it is quite heavy. Consider carrying a water filter or purification drops and locate water sources like streams on the map ahead of time.

You should carry some sort of navigation on your hike because it is easy to get lost especially in areas you’re not familiar with. The most reliable navigation is a physical map so do not forget to include it in your backpack.

It is very important to protect yourself from the harsh rays on your trip. Put on sunscreen before hitting the trail and pack extra to reapply throughout the day. Also, pack a hat and sunglass.

Basic first aid supplies are crucial so you can treat yourself or your hiking partner in case of injury. Hiking can result in unexpected injuries and you should be prepared to handle them.

It is important to include non-perishable foods in your hiking backpack. Pack plenty of calorie-dense snacks to keep you going throughout your hike.

Bring along a reliable headlamp on your hiking trip, even if you’re not planning on being out past dark. Sometimes, a hike will take longer than expected and getting lost in the dark can quickly complicate the situation.

A pocketknife can come in handy for little tasks like digging a hole, opening food cans, cutting through shrubs, etc.

You need to wear comfortable clothes and sturdy hiking boots for your trip because they make the whole experience easier.


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