5 things to do to your wedding dress after the big day



Before that ‘D-day’, a lot of planning would have gone down; getting the venue for the wedding, the perfect wedding planner, exquisite food and drinks, and of course, the wedding dress.

After going through many bridal magazines and trying on countless gowns in the fitting room, you finally found ‘The Dress’.

Your dress is so pretty that you wish you could wear it every weekend! Unfortunately, you can’t.

The dress is certainly dear to your heart, but one question lingers: what will happen to this beautiful dress after the wedding?

We have found five creative ways you can transform your dress after the wedding.

If your wedding dress is so precious to you and you don’t know what to do with it after your wedding, you can give somebody that is really close to your heart who is getting married soon. The person could be your sister or cousin or a close friend.

Just as picking out your wedding gown is a personal choice, selling it afterwards is up to the bride. Another creative thing to do to your wedding dress after your wedding is to sell the dress or rent it out to other brides who can’t afford a new dress.

You don’t always have to wait until your future children get married before you share a piece of your wedding gown. You can easily transform the dress into a christening gown for your future daughter. If you have a beautiful, high-quality dress, then why not put that material to use? This is why a lot of former brides choose to redesign their dresses into skirts, shirts, cocktail dresses etc. This is a chance to be creative, fashionable, and thrifty with your amazing gown.

Yes, you read right! If your wedding dress isn’t so dramatic, you can always wear it to another event. Your wedding dress can be worn to other events like dinner parties, date nights etc. but don’t wear the dress to another person’s wedding especially if your dress is white. You can also consider turning your wedding dress into a gorgeous cocktail dress.

  • Convert the dress into something else

You can convert your wedding dress into something smaller and more manageable, like a throw pillow cover, table cloths, napkins, small clutch purse, Christmas tree decoration etc. You just have to imagine something really creative and make it. Some new brides even go ahead to convert their wedding into lingerie for their first anniversary.


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