5 strange beauty rituals across the world


Here are five beauty rituals that will leave your mouth gaping:

1.The Swiss-Sheep Placenta Therapy

Researchers say that sheep placenta possess a protein component which, when applied to the skin, stimulates the production of collagen; which helps to reverse ageing and remove wrinkles. The placenta is obtained from clean, fresh sheep herds in Switzerland; hence, the name.

In Israel, a particular spa offers snake massages to clients. The clients lay down, and the snakes begin to crawl all over their body. For relief and soothing effect, smaller snakes are engaged, while for ease in muscle and joint tensions, the bigger snakes are used. It is said that the massage gives an overall calming effect and eases pains in the joints.

3.The Bull Semen hair product.

In England, a combination of bull semen and Katara roots extract- an Iranian plant. This is then applied as a masque to the hair, rejuvenating and generally adding shine to the hair.

Commonly known as Geisha Facial. Although it originated in Japan, other countries worldwide have incorporated this beauty therapy. This facial involves the use of bird poo in the production of a face mask, which is then applied on the face. The Nightingale bird droppings are collected, dried, sterilized, ground into powder and mixed with water and rice ban for a face mask. The poop contains enzymes nutritious for the skin.

For many years in Turkey, tiny fishes called garra rufa were used as a form of pedicure treatment. The toes are dipped into the water and the feet peel off rough skin around the toes. This is a form of exfoliation and was used in the treatment of eczema. Years later, this treatment became questionable, as studies show that the said treatment had disease carrier tendencies.

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