5 famous dishes across the world


This is a signature Japanese dish that has been widely eaten around the world. The major ingredient for this dish is rice soaked in vinegar which is a blend of vegetables and seafood.

Every Kdrama lover or anyone who generally loves Korean culture must have heard about kimchi. This is a famous South Korean dish, made from fermented and salted cabbages and radishes.

This is a traditional dish of the Italians. Today, pizza is eaten everywhere globally, with its many variations, of course. The dish is traditionally made out of dough, flattened, and then garnished with cheese, basil, tomatoes, etc

This is a popular traditional dish amongst Northern African countries like Morocco, Algeria, and Tunisia. The dish is made from small steamed balls of semolina flour, served with stew as a topping.

Sambosa, or Samosa as it is commonly called, is a triangular-shaped veggie-filled pastry fried to crispiness. The origin of this snack is quite controversial; many say it originates from India, and others say it is a dish from the Middle East. Wherever it comes from, one sure thing is that it is a snack generally enjoyed by many all over the world.

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