5 delicious Mexican dishes you should try



The pambazo is a Mexican delicacy made of pambazo bread soaked in a red guajillo pepper sauce and fried, then filled with potatoes and chorizo. The meal, despite the unusual names, is absolutely delicious. The pambazo is similar to a soft, well-dressed sandwich.

This is a spicy Mexican soup containing pork or chicken and cacahuazintle corn. For the Aztecs, maize was considered a sacred plant, this made Pozole a celebratory dish consumed during Aztec rites.

There is the red pozole (rojo), green pozole (verde) and white pozole (blanco).

Red sauce, such as guajillo or ancho, is used to make the red pozole. Green ingredients such as jalapenos or pepitas are used to make the green pozole. For the white pozole, there is no green or red sauce.

This is also known as Tortilla soup. Avocado, cheese, cream, chili pepper, and tortilla are used in this simple tomato soup. They all add a pleasant flavor to the soup as well as a splash of color.

This Mexican cuisine is also called pancita or mole de panza (meaning stomach sauce). It is commonly used to treat hangovers.

This dish is made from soft and well cooked cow stomach along with red chilli and hominy. It is prepared with onion, lime, cilantro, spicy salsa, tortillas and oregano. The menudo is usually served with a refreshing beverage.

5. Sopa De Lima (Lime Soup)

For anyone who has ever wondered what it would taste like to combine chicken and tomato soup, Sopa De Lima is the answer. It’s a chicken and tomato soup that’s been spiced up with habanero peppers, tortilla chips, and of course, lime juice. The Sopa De Lima is an inviting delicacy.

These five dishes are delicious and you should definitely try it.


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